A story about you…

Your mailbox is one of the first things your guests, neighbours or passers-by notice about your home – it’s almost like an outdoor business card. The shape and colour of the mailbox tell a little story, also about you, its owner: Is the mailbox classic, simple and prosaic? Or does it have a lively, modern and daring design? Have you chosen an entirely neutral colour or a more distinctive colour? Does your mailbox draw attention to itself – or is it as discrete as possible?

…told by your mailbox

MEFA has more than 40 different models of mailboxes and parcel boxes.

We regularly introduce interesting new designs. This makes our mailboxes just as different as the people who use them.

This web site provides you with an overview of the many options available to you when selecting a mailbox to suit you and your home. If you would more information about MEFA products and how to place, install and maintain them, please feel welcome to contact us.