MEFA Letter 111

  • MEFA Letter 111 RAL 7012
  • MEFA Letter 111 RAL7012
  • MEFA Letter 111 RAL 9005
  • MEFA Letter 111 RAL 9010
  • MEFA Letter 111 RAL 3009
  • MEFA Letter 111 RAL 7012M
  • MEFA Letter 111 RAL 9005
  • MEFA Letter 111 RAL 7006
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Beautiful, elegant designed mailbox -inspired by the characteristic shape of an envelope

MEFA Letter gives you good, well-thought-out design at an affordable price. MEFA Letter is designed by Mencke & Vagnby. The very characteristic shape, inspired by the classic envelope, is a poetic reference to the mailbox contents. At the same time, MEFA Letter represents the sort of stringent, Nordic expression that will grace any home.

With her choice of colours, Sofie Schelde has created a unique, attractive colour palette that accentuates the sheer simplicity of MEFA Letter while blending in with the colours of nature and the colours of the building. (The lock is discreetly concealed behind the flap)

12-year rust perforation guarantee.


Technical Specifications


  • Dimension: H: 312 x B: 430 x D: 178
  • Letter slot: 35 x 400 mm
  • Mail capacity: 15
  • Material: Powder coated galvanised steel
  • Lock: MEFA security lock
  • Colour: Basalt grey semi matt 7012M, Beige grey semi matt 7006M, Grey white semi mat 9002M, Ivory semi matt 1014M, Jet black semi matt 9005M, Moss green semi matt 6005, Oxide red semi matt 3009M, Pure white semi matt 9010M

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