MEFA Easy mounting

  • MEFA Easy Mounting
  • MEFA Easy mounting
Product no.: P000001
RRP ex VAT: 127,00 
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MEFA Easy Mounting – it doesn’t get easier than this!

You can quickly and easily install  your new MEFA mailbox with “MEFA Easy Mounting”.

MEFA Easy Mounting eliminates the need for heavy duty soil and concrete work, and it is easy to position the pole vertically. The system is also highly flexible. Replacing the MEFA pole is easy, as is moving it by simply pulling up the earth rods and repositioning the mounting rails.

“MEFA Easy Mounting” is purchased separately. “MEFA Easy Mounting” has been developed in collaboration with GroundPlug®.

12-year guarantee against rust penetration.


Technical Specifications


  • Dimension: Mounting rails: H: 60 mm, L: 400 mm. Earth rods: L: 500 mm D: 20 mm
  • Material: Steel
  • RRP ex VAT: 53,78 €

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