MEFA Mana 482 with seperate mailbox

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MEFA Mana is a classic and traditional parcel mailbox with seperate room for mail

This model of MEFA Mana 482 is with one seperate mailbox . The roof has a slight slope to divert the rainwater. The mailbox comes with a MEFA security lock and the parcel box with a parcel lock.

Parcel lock.

The parcel lock is unlocked when expecting deliveries. As soon as a delivery has taken place and the parcel door is closed, the box will be locked. Thus the parcels are securely protected until you unlock your box with the key.

MEFA Mana 482 is also available in 2 other models – one only as a parcel box and one with two separate mailboxes.

12-year rust perforation guarantee.

Technical Specifications


  • Dimension: H: 1032 W: 410 D: 310 mm
  • Letter slot: H: 40 x W: 320 mm
  • Mail capacity: 9 l.
  • Parcel capacity: 81
  • Material: Powder coated galvanised steel
  • Lock: MEFA security lock and parcel click lock
  • Colour: Basalt grey semi matt 7012M, Black grey semi matt 7021M, Pure white semi matt 9010M, White aluminium semi matt 9006

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