Produktion - maleanlæg

Production of MEFA Products

With few exceptions, all MEFA products are manufactured at our own factories, where we apply Lean principles to simplify and streamline all our processes.

All our factories are located in Europe and therefore close to our domestic market, so we are close to the environments where our products are used. This also gives us a greater understanding of the requirements for durability and functionality expected of our products.

Thanks to our keen focus on mailboxes, parcel boxes and related accessories, we have been able to optimise the quality of our products throughout our company’s 90-year history to make them market leaders today.

Our fully automated coating line, where our products are pretreated and powder-coated in a single workflow, ensures ideal quality and maximises the durability of the coated items. The line is also set up to powder-coat the products in a complete range of RAL colours – even in tiny batches. In fact, this is possible all the way down to a single mailbox!

Our range comprises pretreated (galvanised or stainless) steel, copper and aluminium products. We do not use cheaper black steel in the manufacture of our MEFA products.