About MEFA


Renz A/S develops, manufactures and markets mailboxes and mailbox systems of high quality and attractive design with a focus on security.

MEFA was established in 1969 but since January 1st 2017 our company is called Renz A/S. Renz A/S is part of the RenzGroup – Europes largest manufacturer of mailboxes, parcel boxes and mailbox systems – and our market leading position has been achieved through purposeful commitment to design, function and quality. Our focus in the market is with single-family and multi-family homes, apartment blocks, business premises and institutions.


The vision is to become the “World’s Best Supplier” of letter box solutions – within the Nordic countries!

We aim to continue to lead the way in understanding the needs of consumers. Our efforts shall result in functional, user-friendly products of high quality, whose design is in a class of its own.

Our goal is that the market in general shall consider MEFA products and solutions to be the most complete and well-thought-out available.

Based on this vision, we offer a wide range of products designed to suit everyday life and to meet the needs of quality-conscious international customers who wish to enjoy contemporary Scandinavian design.

We want our end users to feel that we have thought about how our products perform in everyday use and that we live up to our motto: “We take good care of your mail”! And we want our distributors to experience us as being a responsible and reliable partner in everyday relations.


All MEFA products, with very few exceptions, are produced in our own factories, where Lean principles help simplify and streamline all processes.
All our factories are located in Europe and close to our home market, which means we are close to the environments where our products are used. This also gives us a better understanding of the requirements for durability and functionality.

Our strong focus on mailboxes, parcel post boxes and accessories for these products means that throughout the company’s 90-year history, we have been able to optimize the quality of our products so that today they are among the best on the market.

In our fully automated painting line, where pre-treatment and powder coating take place in one step, we ensure the optimal quality and longest possible durability of painted items. Here we have the ability to paint in all RAL colors, even down to very small batch sizes, in fact, it can be done down to a single mailbox!

All our products are produced in pre-treated steel, galvanized or stainless steel, copper or aluminium. In the production of MEFA products, we do not use the somewhat cheaper black steel.

MEFA production

MEFA & Design

The designers behind MEFA’s models
Seidenfaden Design Copenhagen

Seidenfaden Design Copenhagen

Seidenfaden Design is an internationally renowned Danish design studio, supplying design solutions for major international lifestyle brands such as Weber, Stelton and Georg Jensen. In recent years, Seidenfaden has been awarded several of the world’s leading design awards, including the Red Dot Award, IF Design Award and Good Design Award.

With MEFA Judo Seidenfaden Design Copenhagen has created a modern and architectonic mailbox that adds elegance and character to your driveway or house wall. MEFA Judo represents and expresses the best of contemporary Scandinavian design: smooth, elegant surfaces in a minimalist, architectonic design.

The design studio is also behind MEFA Puffin, whose relaxed and informal round forms have made it Denmark’s most popular mailbox.

Read more about Seidenfaden Design at seidenfaden.dk >

Mencke og Vagnby

Mencke & Vagnby

Mencke & Vagnby is an innovative Danish design studio established by Dane Marcus Vagnby and Dano-German Karina Mencke, who have both served a large international customer base in design and architecture for more than a decade.

Simplicity and functionality combined with aesthetics and innovative thinking are the starting point for Mencke & Vagnby’s approach to design, often combined with a form of expression that makes people smile!

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Alice Bigum

Alice Bigum

Alice Bigom trained at the Aarhus School of Architecture and is a partner at ‘ABO Plan and Arkitektur’ in Bergen, Norway. The daughter of a mailbox manufacturer, she grew up in Denmark.

MEFA Wave is designed as an antithesis to traditional, square mailboxes, inspired by waves and wind with a circle sector as its basic form. MEFA Wave was originally designed for the Norwegian market, but there was little interest in designer mailboxes in Norway in the 1990s, and the design of Wave was therefore completed in partnership with MEFA and introduced in Denmark in 1998.
Since then, MEFA Wave has gone on to becoming Denmark’s most popular designer mailbox!

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David Lewis Designers

David Lewis Designers

Over several decades David Lewis Designers has designed numerous world-renowned and prize-winning products. David Lewis and his partner Torsten Valeur are currently running the design studio with a small group of staff and take on assignments for international clients such as BANG & OLUFSEN, VOSS, HEKA DENTAL and CT COIN.

With its innovative design of MEFA U:F:O, David Lewis Designers has set a new standard for the mailbox design of the future. The design is original and full of character but is still able to blend discretely with the surroundings. Despite its airy lightness, the mailbox is surprisingly spacious.

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