Most frequent questions

What happens if I receive more than one parcel a day?

At MEFA, we distinguish between parcel boxes that can “only” receive one parcel between each emptying and parcel boxes where you can receive several packages a day.

You can see the available options to choose from here > 

Why should I buy a parcel box?

A parcel box is an ideal choice for anyone who shops online. If you have a parcel box, you are guaranteed to have your parcel delivered to your home.

The parcel box saves you the trouble of having to pick up your parcel at one of the many parcel delivery shops.

I only have one key left for my mailbox. How do I get a new one?

If you have a mailbox or parcel box with a MEFA safety lock, then you must contact the place where it was purchased. It is possible for them either to order new keys or a brand-new lock and two or three keys to it.

I have lost all the keys to my mailbox. What should I do?

If you have a mailbox with a MEFA safety lock and you still have the key code that was included when you bought your mailbox, it is possible to order a new key using this code.

Otherwise, unfortunately, there’s only one thing to do: drill out the lock and replace it with a new one.

This can usually be done by drilling with a metal bit into the keyhole. You have to drill until the little metal tab falls off. The metal plate is a piece of metal that rotates inside the mailbox when you turn the key to lock or unlock the mailbox. After this, you will have to buy a new lock of the same type.

How do I keep the lock on my mailbox from freezing?

If you regularly lubricate your mailbox lock with lock oil, this will help prevent the lock from freezing. The oil prevents moisture and water from getting into the lock and thus the possibility of it freezing.

How do I protect my mailbox from being damaged by fireworks on New Year’s Eve?

The best suggestion is to dismantle the mailbox and take it inside.

Water gets into my mailbox; is there anything I can do?

There may be several reasons why water gets into your mailbox, but usually, it is due to incorrect installation or insufficient maintenance. It is very important to install a mailbox/parcel box both plumb and level, as otherwise, it will “twist”. As a mailbox has several openings, being at a “twisted” angle can easily cause the flap opening or door to no longer shut tight.

It is also important to lubricate the mailbox flap and hinges on a regular basis to ensure the flap shuts by itself after mail is delivered. And it can also be beneficial to mount a mailbox so it faces away from the direction of the prevailing winds in your area.