MEFA Adagio mailbox 57

  • Smaller mailbox without lock
  • Available in four great colors
  • Great for the allotment or good ideas
  • 12-year warranty against rust penetration
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MEFA Adagio is a simple and spacious mailbox without a lock.

MEFA Adagio is for those who need a smaller mailbox for the allotment garden or perhaps for the real estate office, where a lock is not necessary.

It’s available in four great colors to match your mood or the season.

12-year warranty against rust penetration

Additional information


H:435 x B:335 x D:200

Letter drop measurement

30 x 230 mm


Powder-coated galvanized steel


No lock


18 L


Jet black glossy 9005, Moss green 6005, Traffic white glossy 9016, White aluminium 9006

Color filtering

Black, Green, White