MEFA Bosca parcel box 408

  • Classic and stylish parcel post box in galvanised steel
  • 2-year warranty against rust penetration
  • Includes an adjustable shelf that allows you to adjust the capacity of the mail volume
  • High quality with top security

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DB-NUMBER: 1678732

Practical, elegant and spacious parcel post box that opens at the top with a specially designed door, after which regular mail and parcels are placed on a tray that, when the door is closed, carries mail and parcels into the parcel post box – the tray also helps to ensure that no one else can get hold of your mail or parcels when they are in your parcel post box. Your mail and parcels are therefore safely and securely placed in your MEFA Bosca 408 parcel post box.

You can adjust the capacity of the mail volume, as it comes with an adjustable base that can be positioned as you wish. The lockable front door on the front of the parcel post box provides access to your mail and parcels. Plus, there’s a two-year warranty against rust penetration.

With a MEFA Bosca 408, you get a parcel post box where quality and security are top-notch.

Mounting kit sold separately.


Additional information


Jet black glossy 9005


MEFA safety lock


H: 1060 x B: 390 x D: 255 mm

Package- and mail capacity

42 L


83 L


Galvanized steel

Color filtering