Narrow, curved stand that emphasizes the shape of your mailbox

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MEFA stand 22 is a simple and narrow curved stand that blends discreetly into the background when the mailbox is mounted. Most MEFA mailboxes can be mounted directly on the stand, however, MEFA U:F:O 650 must be mounted with MEFA’s mounting plate 35.

MEFA stand 22 is also available in copper, stainless steel and colors that match MEFA Letter 111.

The stand is prepared for mounting with MEFA Easy Mounting (sold separately). Threaded rods are included for mounting in concrete.

Stand 22 in copper cannot be mounted with MEFA Easy Mounting.

12-year warranty against rust penetration.

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H: 1185 mm Ø: 38 mm rør (kobber dog H: 1600 mm Ø: 35 mm rør)


Copper, Galvanized steel, Powder-coated galvanized steel, Stainless steel


Basalt grey structure 7012S, Beige grey semi matt 7006M, copper, Galvanised steel, Ivory semi matt 1014M, Jet black glossy 9005, Jet black structure 9005S, Moss green 6005, Oxide red semi matt 3009M, Pure white semi matt 9010M, Stainless steel, Traffic white glossy 9016

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Beige, Black, Copper, Galvanized, Green, Grey, Ivory, Red, Stainless Steel, White