MEFA Cedar parcel box 882

Spacious designer parcel box

  • Removal from the back
  • Good for large deliveries
  • Comes with the secure click lock
  • Holds large capacity of parcels and mail
  • The parcel box includes threaded rods for installation in concrete

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This modern parcel box is designed by renowned designers .molldesign. The parcel box has a sloping roof and rounded corners. The narrow sides give the box a nice minimalist look that leaves an elegant look in front of your house.

Design parcel box with separate mail box from .molldesign

MEFA Cedar is designed by the well known designers .molldesign in a modern, functional design. The sloped roof, the rounded corners, the outstanding elements, the flap design and the narrow sides generate the concise, minima­listic visual appearance of this high capacity parcel & box signalicing high quality.

MEFA Cedar can hold a high capacity of parcels and letters. The large parcel door and special parcel lock allow you to receive large deliveries without having to be at home. The parcel lock is open until delivery and then locks automatically. This means your parcels are well protected until you empty the mailbox.

On MEFA Cedar, the outlet is located at the back.

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Basalt grey semi matt 7012M, Black Grey semi matt 7021M, Pure white semi matt 9010M, White aluminium 9006


Powder-coated galvanized steel

Letter drop measurement

H: 35 x B: 400 mm.

Newspaper room capacity

18 L


H: 1091 x B: 511 x D: 388 mm