MEFA Mana 482 – only as a parcel box

  • 12-year warranty against rust penetration
  • Can hold large quantities of parcels
  • Slightly sloping roof that ensures rainwater drains away easily
  • The parcel box includes threaded rods for installation in concrete
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Available with or without a mailbox, MEFA Mana is a classic and traditional parcel box with a slightly sloping roof that ensures rainwater drains away easily.

The parcel box is available in 3 different models. This model is only a parcel box and should therefore be used as a supplement to a regular parcel box. In addition, there is another MEFA Mana model with two separate compartments for letters, which makes it ideal if you live in a detached or semi-detached house. The model is also available as a parcel post box with a single separate compartment for letters.

The parcel lock is unlocked when expecting deliveries. As soon as a delivery has taken place and the parcel door is closed, the box will be locked. Thus the parcels are securely protected until you unlock your box with the key.

The parcel box comes with threaded rods for installation in concrete.

In addition, you are guaranteed a 12-year warranty against rust penetration.



Additional information


Basalt grey structure 7012S, Black grey semi matt 7021M, Pure white semi matt 9010M, White aluminium 9006


Renz click lock


H: 1025 x B: 410 x D: 325 mm

Package capacity

90 L


Powder-coated galvanized steel

Color filtering

Black, Grey, White