MEFA Magnum parcel box 495

  • Lightweight and elegant parcel box in aluminum
  • Small and sturdy parcel box
  • Attractive design
  • Lighter than other parcel boxes
  • 12-year warranty against rust penetration
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Despite the name, MEFA Magnum is a small, solid parcel box designed for wall or stand mounting. The letter and parcel slot is located at the top. This box can receive several parcels per day and the parcels are stored securely until you empty the parcel box.

Made from powder-coated aluminum, MEFA Magnum is lighter than other mailboxes. At the same time, this strong combination of material and surface provides a very long lifespan, even in harsh environments such as the Danish coastline.

12-year warranty against rust penetration.

Additional information


Ruko safety lock


H:520 x B:450 x D:290

Letter drop measurement

H: 515 x B: 430 x D: 255 mm


Powder coated steel