MEFA Ash parcel box 475

  • 12-year warranty against rust penetration
  • Holds large volumes of mail and parcels
  • High emptying height
  • The parcel box includes threaded rods for installation in concrete
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MEFA Ash is a secure and spacious parcel box with an elegant round roof and large letter inlet on the front.

The mailbox compartment has an extra high emptying height, which means that the volume is slightly smaller. However, the capacity can be adjusted, as the plate that is placed in the middle of the box, as a kind of bottom, can be removed, so MEFA Ash can accommodate larger amounts of mail if desired, e.g. during vacation.

With a MEFA Ash, you are guaranteed a 12-year warranty against rust penetration.

The parcel post box comes with threaded rods for mounting in concrete.

Additional information


Galvanised steel, Jet black structure 9005S & galvanised steel


Ruko safety lock


H: 1030 x B: 365 x D: 240 mm

Letter drop measurement

75 x 275 mm

Package- and mail capacity



Galvanized steel, Powder-coated galvanized steel