MEFA Cedar parcel box 881

  • Spacious and smart parcel box with separate mailbox
  • 12-year warranty against rust penetration
  • Can accommodate extra large deliveries
  • Custom designed by Moll Design
  • The parcel box includes threaded rods for installation in concrete
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The MEFA Cedar parcel box is designed by well-known designers Moll Design in a modern, functional design. With its sloping roof, elegant rounded corners and narrow sides, this parcel box is a timeless, high-quality design.

With a unique minimalist look, this parcel box has a high capacity for both parcels and letters.

With a MEFA Cedar, it is possible to receive large deliveries, as the parcel door on the front of the parcel box is extra large. In addition, there is a special parcel lock that is not locked while waiting for deliveries – but after the delivery is received and the parcel door is closed, the box itself is locked. This protects the parcels until you securely unlock the box with a key.

MEFA Cedar is also available with a nameplate at an additional cost.

In addition, you are guaranteed a 12-year warranty against rust penetration.

The parcel locker comes with threaded rods for mounting in concrete.

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Additional information


Basalt grey semi matt 7012M, Black grey semi matt 7021M, Pure white semi matt 9010M, White aluminium 9006


MEFA safety lock and Renz click lock


H: 1090 x B: 510 x D: 390 mm

Letter drop measurement

H: 35 x B: 400 mm

Package capacity

140 L

Mail capacity

19 L


Powder-coated galvanized steel