MEFA Letter mailbox 111

MEFA Letter – Beautiful, simple design mailbox

  • Designed by Mencke & Vagnby.
  • Possible to block the slot (‘New Year’s security’).
  • Available in eight beautiful colors.
  • 12-year warranty against rust penetration.
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With the MEFA Letter mailbox, you get a good, well-thought-out design at an affordable price. The mailbox is designed by Mencke & Vagnby.

The very distinctive shape, inspired by the classic envelope, forms a poetic reference to the contents of the mailbox. At the same time, MEFA Letter has a sleek and Nordic design language that suits any home.

In the choice of colors, Sofie Schelde has created a unique and beautiful color scale that highlights the mailbox in all its simplicity and at the same time matches both the colors of nature and the colors of the building.

MEFA Letter is lacquered in a semi-mat color, but the flap is lacquered in glossy, which gives a super nice interplay.

In MEFA Letter with Ruko lock, it is possible to block the drawer (‘New Year’s security’). The lock is discreetly hidden behind the flap, so you don’t have to buy a new mailbox at the end of the year.

12-year warranty against rust penetration.

Additional information


H:312 x B:430 x D:175

Letter drop measurement

35 x 400 mm


Powder-coated galvanized steel


Ruko safety lock


21 L

Color filtering

Beige, Black, Green, Grey, Ivory, Red, White


Basalt grey semi matt 7012M, Beige grey semi matt 7006M, Ivory semi matt 1014M, Jet black semi matt 9005M, Moss green 6005, Oxide red semi matt 3009M, Pure white semi matt 9010M