MEFA Mega parcel box 459

  • Elegant parcel box with smart chute and very large volume
  • 12-year warranty on rust penetration
  • Your parcels will always be safe and secure in the parcel post box
  • Ideal for businesses that receive multiple parcels in a day
  • The parcel box includes threaded rods for installation in concrete
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The MEFA Mega parcel box can receive several large deliveries from different distributors before it needs to be emptied. This is regardless of whether you empty it every day or on vacation. This makes it ideal for businesses that receive many parcels in a day. In addition, your parcels will always be placed safely and securely in the parcel box.

The parcel box is made in solid quality with a focus on design and good details, e.g. noise-damped closing of the slot. Can receive parcels up to 450 x 400 x 180 mm. With a MEFA Mega parcel box, you are guaranteed a 12-year warranty on rust penetration.

The smart parcel box comes with threaded rods for mounting in concrete.

Additional information


Jet black semi matt 9005M


Ruko safety lock


Powder-coated galvanized steel


H: 1205 x B: 530 x D: 445 mm

Pakke sliske

255 x 425 mm

Pakke og postkapacitet

96 L