MEFA Oak parcel box 481

  • 12-year warranty against rust penetration
  • Holds extra large volumes of mail
  • Parcel outlet from the back
  • Specially designed parcel inlet
  • The parcel box includes threaded rods for installation in concrete

MEFA Oak is a solid and very spacious parcel box that can receive several large parcels in a day through the specially designed parcel inlet at the top. The parcels are stored securely locked until emptying. The mailbox can hold a full week’s worth of mail, and the middle section of the mailbox can be removed to accommodate extra large amounts of mail, e.g. during vacations.

The mailbox is designed in a minimalist, functional design in solid and strong quality. The parcel box has a mail & parcel outlet from the back.

The parcel box comes with threaded rods for mounting in concrete.

In addition, you are guaranteed a 12-year warranty against rust penetration.

Additional information


Jet black structure 9005S


Ruko safety lock


H: 1010 x B: 420 x D: 345 mm

Letter drop measurement

38 x 320 mm

Package- and mail capacity

62 L


Powder-coated galvanized steel

Color filtering