MEFA Beech 457 RAL 9005 miljø

Regardless of how much you shop online, and what you buy, the delivery of your products can be seen as challenging. For unless you have time to be at home when the parcel post arrives, you must either have an agreement with the carrier that your parcel may be left in an agreed location until you get home, or you will have to visit your local parcel delivery shop. This is difficult and will continue to be so.

But it doesn’t have to be. Regardless of your needs and online shopping behaviour, a parcel box from MEFA gives you brand-new ways to receive your parcels. And this is without having to worry about whether your parcels have been put in the place agreed when you come home. And without the annoying extra trip to the parcel delivery shop.

Flexible solution
A parcel box from MEFA is not only for small parcels. Depending on what you buy most of online, you can get a parcel box to meet your exact needs. If, for example, you order small items such as individual articles of clothing or books, it may well be that one of MEFA’s small parcel boxes meets your needs. But if you frequently buy items such as shoes, toys or even foodstuffs, a large MEFA parcel box could be the most suitable solution for you. When it comes to food, however, you must make sure that it is packed and stored safely in terms of temperature.
Thus, MEFA’s biggest model does a fine job of accepting an organic food box from Aarstiderne or, if the food items are correctly packaged according to the ambient temperature. But it can also handle even bigger items such as electronics. See the specific dimensions of the various MEFA parcel boxes here.

You decide the location
Another advantage of a parcel box is that you decide where to put it. Whereas ordinary mailboxes must observes specific regulatory requirements, i.e. the mailbox must be located at the property line and all the way out by the roadside, you have more flexibility when it comes to a parcel box.

For example, an ideal choice could be to place your parcel box in a carport, or right next to your front door. This could be beneficial for you if – despite the built-in security of the parcel box’s locking system – you feel more secure knowing that your parcels aren’t lying around in a box all the way out by the road. You should be aware, however, that this flexibility is not available if you also use your parcel box to receive ordinary mail. In this case, it must be located next to the property line or roadside just like an ordinary mailbox.