You are about to invest in a new mailbox. Perhaps you’ve had your new home specially built; perhaps you’ve moved house – or maybe the old mailbox is just worn out. What should you choose?

No matter which solution you are considering, a parcel box from MEFA should be included in your deliberations. Whereas the volume of ordinary letters and printed matter is declining, parcel boxes are much more future-oriented and geared to supporting your online shopping.

Good arguments for parcel box
But there are other good reasons, too. We have gathered all five specific, good reasons for choosing a parcel box from MEFA, next time you need a new mailbox:

  1. With a parcel box, you no longer have to go to the parcel delivery shop. With a parcel box from MEFA, you no longer have to drop by the supermarket or other parcel delivery shop nearby and queue up to get your parcels. They will have already been delivered to your parcel box, so all you will have to do is carry them inside.
  2. The parcel box safeguards your parcels when you are not at home. A MEFA parcel box is a secure solution for your parcels that lets you receive even valuable packages such as electronics with peace of mind and the certainty that nothing will happen to them before you get home and bring them inside.
  3. Parcel mailboxes are available in the exact size to meet your needs. Regardless of your online shopping habits, there will always be an MEFA parcel box to meet your needs. From the smallest parcel box, which is good for books and other small packages, to the big parcel boxes designed to hold most parcels.
  4. You can place the parcel box wherever you want it. Whereas an ordinary mailbox is subject to strict regulations in terms of location, you decide where to set up your MEFA parcel box.
    You can place it where it benefits you the most, or where it fits in best with the environment around your home. It’s up to you.
  5. The parcel box can also handle your ordinary mail and printed matter. A parcel box from MEFA not only allows you to receive packets and avoid
    having to go to the parcel shop, it also makes it possible for you to receive all your ordinary mail and printed matter in one place. A single smart solution to meet all your mail and parcel needs. However, if you choose a parcel box for both parcels and ordinary mail, you should note that this solution must be placed at your property line or by the roadside. That’s the law.

With an MEFA parcel box, you will get a stylish design and sterling quality – in addition to a future-oriented postal solution. We guarantee that your choice will benefit and please you for years to come.