Have you ever experienced a parcel being delivered to your home either disappearing or being damaged by the elements? If you have, you also know how frustrating it is, and how such bad experiences can completely wipe out your joy of expectation from shopping online.

You probably know people who have their parcels delivered directly to the nearest parcel delivery shop or perhaps even to their workplace. These are not necessarily the most flexible solutions, but if the alternatives seem worse, these choices suddenly seem more attractive.

It doesn’t have to be this way, however. Because there is actually a far simpler and more efficient alternative than any of the roundabout ways of receiving parcels in good condition than you can imagine.

Perfect parcel solution

This alternative is a parcel box from MEFA. When installed at home, you not only have a postal solution that takes good care of your mail, magazines, and whatever else you receive. It also takes care of your parcels brilliantly.

It does so in several ways.

First, an MEFA parcel box means the parcel carrier can always deliver the parcel you ordered. Having a parcel box at home eliminates having to drop by the parcel delivery shop to pick up your parcel or feeling compelled to have the parcel delivered at work. Depending on your online shopping habits, there is always a MEFA parcel box to meet your needs and to ensure that your parcels are delivered safely and intact to your home, even when you’re not there to receive them.

Protection from wind, rain – and theft

Second, a parcel box from MEFA protects your package from the elements.
The parcel box is completely shielded from the vagaries of nature, so whether it’s windy and rainy or the snow is falling just before Christmas, you can be sure your package will be high and dry inside the parcel box until you return home and take it inside.

Finally, a parcel box from MEFA is a secure solution. A special delivery chute makes it easy for the postal deliverer to insert a parcel in the parcel box, but makes it impossible for unauthorised persons to remove it. This is ensured partly through robust design and partly via a MEFA security lock which is almost impossible to break open.