No doubt you’ve tried it before. You’ve shopped online, and your package has finally arrived. Or rather it hasn’t. Because while you were at work, the parcel carrier came to your home and, instead of leaving a parcel in your mailbox, left a note stating that you can pick up your parcel at the nearest parcel delivery shop. Starting tomorrow, of course.

You try to quell your impatience to get hold of the parcel, which you know is already just waiting for you on a shelf in parcel delivery shop near your home address, but you can’t get it until tomorrow. And, as if that wasn’t enough, you know you won’t be able to go and get your parcel until after work tomorrow – along with everyone else going to pick up their parcels too.

Not exactly what you dreamt of doing after a long day at work: going down the parcel delivery shop and queuing up to get a package, when what you really long to do is get on with the things you’d otherwise planned to do that day. You’re used to it because you do a lot of online shopping. But the thought of all the hours that could be spent doing something else and more fun, using what’s inside the parcels you order, for instance, just drains you even more.

Wasting time in the parcel delivery shop

Let’s take a quick example: If you receive one parcel a week, on average, and your parcel delivery shop is close to where you live, you will spend almost half an hour picking up your parcel from the time you leave until the time you’re back home. In one year, this amounts to more than 25 hours, which could be used for all sorts of other and far more fun things.
Sound familiar? Don’t worry. Like many others, you feel frustrated about having to wait to get hold of a parcel and its contents; people definitely don’t look forward to that part of the online shopping experience. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

MEFA has the solution

With a parcel box from MEFA at home, you avoid having to go to the post office, queue op and go through all the hassle. MEFA parcel boxes come in a wide range of different models, designed to receive the things you buy online, such as clothes, shoes, books, electronics or whatever else you buy! Even food products can be received in a parcel box, if they are properly packaged for temperature control. A parcel box is simple, smart and completely safe.

An MEFA parcel box ensures that you not only receive the package as fast as it can be delivered, you also free up valuable time to do more of all the things that truly matter to you and inspire you.